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The Story Behind Diesel House Coffee Roasters

Diesel House Coffee Roasters was born out of a love for the spectacular coffees that are available from around the world. By choosing the finest beans and using modern roasting techniques, we ensure that you receive a consistent, high quality product each and every time. Our blends are uniquely crafted from years of roasting experience and bring out the best in each varietal. Our coffees include single origin, specialty blends and Certified Fair Trade Organic. You can find our coffees at a number of retailers throughout Ontario, feel free to utilize our store locater to find the one closest to you. Or you can purchase your coffee directly from our website in our online store. One of Diesel House Coffee Roasters biggest passions is improving the quality of education for students. How do we help? By assisting in setting up fundraising initiatives for elementary and high schools throughout Ontario, where they sell premium organic fairtrade coffees and teas. If you would like to learn more about setting up a school fundraising initiative please contact us.