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Premium Coffee

All of our coffees are made with 100% Arabica beans and are roasted to perfection through a unique convection process. We have developed many distinct blends from the familiar to the uncommon and continue to expand our varietal offerings. We provide customized roasting and packaging options to suit your needs allowing you to create your own brand or line of coffee.

Customizing your own brand or line of coffee is a great way to effectively market your company. Provide it as a thank you to your clients and remind them of your brand every time they put on that new pot of coffee.

Our coffee is also a great fundraiser for elementary and high schools throughout Ontario. It's easier than selling a chocolate bar and we provide all the necessary materials to ensure that you sound like a professional when you are out there selling are coffees and teas. Plus there is prizes available to be won, which helps motivates students to sell more and in turn raise more money for the school that is participating in the fundraising effort.