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December 5, 2011

Diesel House Coffee Roasters: Fundraising For Big-time Goals With Positive Youth Messages

Who could forget fundraising in school as a kid? Magazines, candles, pies, chocolate bars, laundry detergent – yes that too. All of which were extremely important in trying to raise money for educational purposes. Now in 2011, with a new era of potential and a new plan, come Fair Trade Organic Coffee Fundraisers from Diesel House Coffee Roasters in Bracebridge, Ontario – roasting fair trade, certified organic coffee’s with the finest beans from around the world for elementary and secondary school fundraisers across Ontario.

According to The Coffee Association of Canada, 81% of Canadians drink coffee occasionally, while 63% (over the age of 18) do on a daily basis – making coffee the most consumed beverage in Canada.

The team at Diesel House Coffee Roasters are passionate about two things – education and coffee. Their energetic personalities and positive attitudes make it clear as to why they love helping elementary and secondary schools across Ontario achieve their fundraising  goals. Schools can feel good about endorsing fair trade organic coffee because it properly compensates the hardworking men and women around the world who passionately cultivate the coffee beans they process. Furthermore, the profit that schools will realize from selling fair trade organic coffee is immense.

Diesel House Coffee Roasters takes fundraising to the next level. Not only do they believe in the important message of understanding where this precious commodity comes from, but they help thousands of students across Ontario understand it too.

Diesel House Coffee Roasters can customize campaigns to suit the needs of any school; custom labelling and packaging, as well as premium organic Numi teas are available.

Diesel House Coffee Roasters makes fundraising fun – and understands how to connect with the students. Exciting prizes are available to help motivate your students and make this the best fundraising initiative your school has ever run. . Diesel House Coffee Roasters provide all of the support, knowledge and tools to successfully launch a fundraising campaign in your school. Do not hesitate to call or email to discuss a package that can meet your educational fundraising goals.